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Energy Saving

Stetic Sense is a company in which his own name describes his character. We are sensitive with your needs, with the dreams of people who want to care and want to help the environment.

The environmental sensitivity is evident in the design of our machines with minimum electrical consumption, resulting obviously effiency in the planet’s sustainability to which certainly reinforces the training we provide to operators to avoid spending more energy than treatments require.

We know that you are also interested in not wasting energy. We are sensitive to your concerns about the environment….and the electricity bill.

So Stetic Sense will provide you the opportunity to reduce your electricity consumption of your beauty center minimizing tor electricity bill through independent energy consultant Energy Watch, and controlling if you want real-time consumption through personal electric light Danca.

Don’t forget to reference your customer number Stetic Sense if you decide to contact them so, you can benefit from the bonus-offer although it isn’t necessary to be client of Stetic Sense to enjoy the advantages of Energy Watch, especially important if you have several centers attached to their trade shows.

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