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How it works?

Photoepilation is the removal of hair follicles by light source (LASER). Light that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair root damaging the parties responsible for the growth of the hair follicle:

- The dermal papilla and,

- The protuberance responsible for stimulation of follicular growth.

This system searches the selective destruction of the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The factor conditioning the hair removal depends on: the characteristics of the skin, the hair, the type of light used, the amount of emitted energy, and the pulse duration.

Properties of the skin and hair:

- Skin phototype.

- Thickness and degree of pigmentation of hair.

- Depth and thickness of hair.

- Stages of follicular growth.

- Follicular density (number of hairs per unit of areas).

Skin phototype:

You have to perform a skin test before the first treatment session and correctly determine the type of hair is vital to achieve satisfactory results with laser treatments.

Most of people fit into the six types of skin according to the Fitzpatrick scale (I to VI).

Skins types

A lighter skin phototype (Type II) admit more energy with less risk of unwanted effects.

Color and degree of pigmentation of hair:

Darker hairs (black and Clark brown) are destroyed more easily and better and with them we get better results.

The degree of coloration is related to the color and the degree of melanin. Dark hair contains more melanin that the surrounding tissue and therefore they absorb energy (fluence) at a higher lever than the surrounding tissue.

Thickness and degree of pigmentation:

The fine hairs absorb less energy and are more difficult to be destroyed photothermally..

By varying the duration of the pulses we can adjust the treatment parameters with short durations for thin hair, and longer for thick hair.

Hair follicles located deeper down require higher wavelength emission providing more energy.

Growth phases:

Theoretically it is in the Anagen phase where hair is thicker and more pigmented, and is when the hair is more sensitive to thermal effects imparted from the laser light source.

Follicular density:

Follicular density varies with the body area and doesn’t necessarily depend in the amount of visible hair. The areas with high density follicular generally require a larger number of treatments.

The dose to be administered in areas with high density should be lower to avoid overheating by high concentration of hair. But this doesn’t decrease its effectiveness because the high concentration of absorbed energy allows us to ensure the destruction of hair follicles.

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