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The Commitment

We know that your priority as an entrepreneur is to give the best possible services to your customers to achieve full satisfaction when they come to your beauty center.

Your clients are very demanding and therefore the treatments have to function properly. Otherwise there would be no word of mouth among them that provide you the most clientele, and the existing customers would not attend again to try another complementary treatment.

In Stetic Sense our obsession has always been that the machines work, and so, each new model is designed chasing efficiency, and it is thoroughly tested before it was come on to the market.

In a section as sensitive as aesthetics, perhaps one of the most rewarding, that the treatment is effective is necessary but not sufficient condition for an entrepreneur, committed to the welfare of its customers can offer the best.

A woman of today, that have to do in many cases juggle with their schedules and their diary to find the hole that allows it to approach to your beauty center to take care of herself, cannot receive a call canceling the appointment because the team with she was receiving his treatment has been damaged.

In Stetic Sense know it and our machines are produced with an electrical robustness and exceptional durability that however doesn’t mean that our machines can spoil at any given time. In this case, our commitment with you is to minimize the problems we will remove the defective machine or we will replace it with a similar one and we will repair it in our workshop production in Cantabria immediately, returning it to your beauty center in a record time. Therefore the numbers of customers affected have been minimized as far as possible.

We realize that you must make a considerable effort to invest a machine with these characteristics for your beauty center. When you choose to do it is because you knows that you can amortize the investment in a reasonable time and therefore you want that once the decision has been taken the delivery time must be as short as possible, and especially that the agreed with you was carry out without any delays.

In Stetic Sense we manufactured on request, so we don’t have stock, although according with the type of machine the delivery time could be different. In all case we are talking about just a few weeks. For us “First Quality” includes the time that we are committed, we don’t want that you don’t have your machine the same day you have planned to start the treatments.

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