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Technical Data Depila 21

  • Depila 21
  • Refrigerator

Depila 21

Model Name: Depila 21 - Stand Unit
Type of laser: Semiconductor Laser
Lase Wavelength: 808 nm (Nanómetros)
Energy Fluence:
Mode HR: until 120 J/cm2
Mode SHR: until 50 J/cm2
Mode FHR: until 20 J/cm2
Speed of shooting:
Mode HR: (1-2 Hz)
Mode SHR: (3-5 Hz)
Mode FHR: (8-10 Hz)
Laser pulse width: 5 ~ 400 ms
Output power of the laser Adjustable 1-120 J/cm2
Spot size: 12 x 12 mm2
Input voltaje: AC100-120V/60 Hz ó AC220-240V/50Hz
Output power: 800W (8 plates láser x 100W each plate
Cooling system: Semiconductor refrigerator + Air-cooled + Water-cooled + Cooling contact of shapphire tip
Screen: Color touch screen of 10.4 inches
Size: 49 x 69 x 115.2 cm
Weight: 110 Kg
Environmental conditions of use:
Temperature +10ºC -35ºC
Humidity relative 30/80% (without Condensation)
Air pressure 70/105 Kpa(Kilopascal)
Cercified CE: BCT111008C-001E


Input voltage: AC220/240V - 50Hz/60Hz
Current working: 1.4A ~ 2.1A
Power fuse: 7 A
Compresor power: 0.305 Kw
Cooling Capacity: 0.8 Kw
Refrigerant: R - 134 a
Reservoir capacity: 6 L
Protection: Overcurrent protection for compressor. Flow alarm and temperature alarm


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