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For Stetic Sense quality comes first we manufacture every machine thinking that it doesn’t spoil to avoid the risk of stop business although it was short interval while we are able to replace the equipment immediately.

The machines work very well when they are used properly. The experience show us that isn’t always true: the operators have in many cases not care and delicacy that they should have with the teams.

Its relatively common that the maniples fall to the ground, that you use the maximum power allowed to “finish first”, without taking into account the characteristics, the machine or the person who is receiving the treatment, that you don’t respect the timeouts of the shots in Laser hair removal, and so on….

In Stetic Sense we know it and we have shielded the machines, that they are still delicate electronic engineering against lethal misuse, incorporating self-protection systems. And although the tanks are armored we know that a rain of projectiles can knocked out.

For us, quality comes first. The quality however is built between Stetic Sense and you equally. We don’t want to refer you all of the responsibility. We want you to be aware that the success of treatment is in the quality of machine handling as well as in the technical quality.

So our interest is to train those who will work with Stetic Sense to teach the most suitable job depending on the type of customer or other circumstances. We want to teach you the maximum performance of our machines to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction, and prevent damages into the equipment and therefore avoid potential stoppages in your business, no matter how minimal are they!!!

If you have already worked with appliances, a brief session on your beauty center at the time of start of the new investment will be sufficient for the operator to learn to treat the equipment with care.

Otherwise, we can organize courses either on your beauty center or at our center depending on your availability.

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