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Why Diodes Stetic Sense?

Laser Diode 808 nm (nanometers) Stetic Sense is a Laser hair removal the high-power. It's a single-spectrum and it's a discontinued light source.

The emission spectrum is 808 nm and its color is red.

The heat caused by the lase, due to the adjustable pulse duration, generate such thermal damage in the follicle that ensure the destruction of the hair follicle inhibiting future growth.

Has an efficient cooling system (cooling sapphire tip in contact with the skin) in order to minimize disturbances in the surronding cells, used to cool the epidermis before, during and after hair removal treatment. Therfore the 808 nm diode laser is highly effective for hair removal in patients with darker skin.

Includes a rental system for the shared explotation "Rental System" (Rent/Prepaid) with which the machine runs for a period of one month. With this systme, the machine can operate only if you have the password. If you enter the password its runs for the current month, from the 28th until the end of the month, every time that the machine starts a warning will be displayed to tell us that we need the password for the next month.

When you beging the treatment the lowest power must be used, to have to increase gradually depending on the effects.

During the treatment, if a problem occurs, press the switch "Emergency" and the machine stop working.

Features 808 nm Diode Laser:

- The 808 nm Diode Laser is safe, reliable and easy to use.

- Professional technology, effective, convenient and fast technology in hair removal. Up to 10 shots per second.

- The 808 nm Diode Laser provides realiable results.

- Suitable for all skin types from white sink to dark skin(skin types I- VI).

- Easy management Handel/Maniple. The bracket can be rotated up to 180 degrees.

- Crystal size 12x12 mm output spot. The spot has a high precision and has a long service life, greatly improving the efficiency and life of the treatment head of the laser module.

- Touch panel control (10,4 inches).

- The 808 nm diode laser has dual security system protection.

- The high repetition rate of fire, combined with cooling sapphire tip, make the treatment virtually painless due to the shorter duration of the pulses.

- No consumables.

- Guaranteed to 10.000.000 pulses.

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