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League between companies Cantabria
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Safety Tips:

Only professional technicians can operate the machines laser Diode, including the power settings, the cooling system and the cooling of the optical element processing Handel.

Make sure the machine is turned off during maintenance.

Keep the glass clean and also the filter. Keep the head's treatment away from coolant gels.

Don't operate the machine if you see any water leak in the head's treatment, if this happens off immediately.

Laser Warnings:

The Laser can damage the eyes, can cause fire or burns, so please take the necessary protective measures during treatment.

Laser light can cause much heat damage, can cause hyperplasia, atrophy or abnormal pigmentation.

Patients and estheticiam should wear protective glasses and goggles.

Keep hands away from the treatment head.

Electrical and mechanical safety.

Keep all panels and the back closed, can be dangerous.

The machine produces high voltages, even when you disconnect the power cord. Maybe there are still components with stored energy. For these reazon only a preparation technician can verify them.

During performing maintenance not open the cover of the power supplies.

The machine is connected to ground through the power cord 3-wire a good earth connection is essential to work.

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